The purpose of establishing specific criteria by which the breeders can be listed on this web site is to ensure that prospective puppy purchasers know they will be dealing with reputable, responsible breeders who have the interests of the their breeding stock, their puppies and the breed itself at heart.

These are the MINIMUM standards that the Newfoundland breeders listed on this site must adhere to.

Breeders who fail to meet the criteria will be removed from this site and it shall be the sole decision of the committee of the Northern Newfoundland Club to remove any breeder that does not meet the criteria.

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  • Must be a current member of one of the recognised UK Newfoundland Breed Clubs.
  • They have been actively showing or working their Newfoundlands.
  • They own a registered kennel club affix (kennel name).
  • All puppies are kennel club registered.
  • All breeding stock must have undergone the necessary health testing (see Dog Health tab).
  • A breeder must use a contract/agreement for all transactions involving the sale of a puppy
  • Any breeder listed on this site must be prepared to act as an ongoing educational resource and support for all new Newfoundland owners.
  • Will offer advice and support to the owners of all dogs bred by them throughout the dogs' entire life.
  • All breeders must adhere to the Code of Ethics and/or the Breeding Guidelines laid down by the Club(s) to which they belong.
  • All breeding stock must have been heart tested by colour flow Echo Doppler by a veterinary surgeon with a diploma in veterinary cardiology.
  • All breeding stock must have had their hip & elbows scored under the BVA KC scheme with as low a score as possible used for breeding.
  • All breeding stock must have had their cystinuria status determined by DNA testing unless clear by parentage.
  • All breeding stock should be in good general health.
  • Breeders must not have used a bitch for breeding before the age of 2 years.
  • A breeder must not breed from any bitch that is older than 7 years.
  • No bitch should be allowed to have her first litter over 5 years without prior written permission from the Club(s) to which the belong.
  • Breeders must not have breed more than one litter per year from any bitch.
  • No bitch will have had more than 4 litters in her lifetime.
  • All puppies are raised in a healthy environment and have been well handled and socialised by the breeder.
  • All puppies must have been vet checked prior to going to their new homes.
  • All puppies must be at least 7 weeks old before going to their new homes.
  • All puppies should be seen with their mother.