West Yorkshire


  • Black
  • Brown

Breed Club Membership:

  • Northern Newfoundland Club

"When I picked up my first Newfie puppy I was told they were addictive.

Three Newfies later and after my second litter I have to admit they are. We live surrounded by 30 acres of rolling fields and woods where my dogs have free reign to roam all day in a safe, secure environment where they are loved by all on our livery yard.

My standards with all my animals, horses and dogs is extremely high. I believe in giving this wonderful breed the best nutrition, exercise and love. As a breeder I feel passionate about breeding puppies that are given the very best start in life adhering to all the relevant health tests and suitable stud dog for my bitches. In addition, I am on the assured breeder scheme with the Kennel Club."

Samantha Griffiths

We do not have any available stud dogs at present