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Breed Club Membership:

  • Southern Newfoundland Club

"We are a small family run kennel based in Carmarthenshire. Our dogs are all raised in the home rather than in an outside kennel environment since first and foremost our dogs are literally our babies which annoys our two grown up children. Our dogs have been trained for the show ring and have all done well, but we also plan start water traning in Spring of 2018. Hopefully they will love that also!!

We currently have three newfoundlands, two labradors and a cat. First is Willow, a 2.5 year old bitch who loves everyone, especially children. Next is Lyanna, a two year old white & black bitch who like Willow adores everyone but just is more vocal about it. Finally there is Nanook a one year old dog. He is a really sweet boy, gentle and very laid back. All three have done well in the show ring and all are qualified for Crufts 2018.

We have owned dogs for more than 20 years and been breeding for 6 years. All our dogs, past and present are considered as part of our family. Our dogs are all health tested as required by the breed, have regular checks with the vet and receive good nutrition. We crate train our dogs from an early age so they have a bed to call their own which they love. The Newfs are all well trained and socialised.

Our plan is to grow our kennel and eventually move to a larger property with some land where all the dogs can lay and play."

Marie McCafferty

We do not have any available stud dogs at present