As with any breed, it is a big and lifelong commitment to take an animal into your care, be it a puppy or an older dog.

It may be that you don't want all the "trials and tribulations" of a new puppy and feel that you give a wonderful home to an older dog, a dog that has been rescued or simply one that needs to be re-homed due to unfortunate circumstances. If this is you and you feel that this is a way for you to own one of these magnificent animals then please get in contact with the clubs welfare officer, Ros Dyer. You will find her contact details lower down the page as well as a link to the wefare pages of the main NNC website.

People who have re-homed Newfoundlands say:
  • I think, taking on a welfare Newfy is one of the most rewarding experiences, especially when you know you have giving one of our gentle giants a loving and caring home, away from an environment obviously not too bothered about the general wellbeing of this beautiful breed.– Gudrun Walton

  • Having had Newfies for almost 20years it was quite different adopting a rescue boy. We all love him to bits, he has a wonderful temperament. He loves children and is so loving with our Granddaughter. I never realised he would be so worried when we left the room, or went in and out of the door. He is much better now, after a few months but he must have felt so insecure poor lad. He is putting on weight and his coat is growing again. Lots and lots of love is the answer.– Liz Hayes

  • The privilege of being able adopt such a loving dog is overwhelming. To give a Newfie an new life is pleasure that is immeasurable. The slobber, the drool, the mud, the water on the floor, walls and the ceiling are all forgivable with that Newfie smile– Steve Miller

  • In October 2014 we took on Toby, a 10 yr, as a foster. We had great support from Welfare while they looked for a permanent home for him. Before Christmas he was still with us so we decided to adopt him ourselves, as he was a sweet old gentleman.
    Welfare have been wonderful as he developed a behavioral problem. We went straight back to them and asked for advice. The support we have received has helped tremendously, although we are still working through it. Adopting has been the most rewarding experience. To know you can help a dog in need is a great feeling and the love you receive more precious. We would strongly ask people to consider adopting.– Debbie Kennard

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